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Quantum speed reading (QSR), also called wave reading or hado reading, is a revolutionary new reading technique that enables readers to read much faster and comprehend faster than their usual reading speed.

What is Quantum Speed Reading?

Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages. It was developed in Japan and has been taught to both children and adults there for the last several years. Astonishing as it may seem to most of us who learned only to read books by reading a page at a time they can in fact be read by simply flipping the pages. Unlike the many well established forms of speed reading that are in existence QSR does not require the book to be opened at all. The book is simply held up in front of the reader’s face and the pages are flipped rapidly using the thumb much like when preparing to shuffle playing cards. It is thus a truly revolutionary advancement in education.

The QSR technique is not solely about reading however. It can also be utilized in several other creative ways for problem solving and memorizing, for health improvement and stress reduction as well as for positive thinking and what can only be described as quasi telepathic communication with plants and animals for example. All of these extensions of the original QSR training have been fully documented and tested over the years in a great variety of situations with many individuals. This web site has been created to introduce QSR for the first time outside of Japan where there are now thousands of school students and adults using it in their daily lives to great benefits both for them and for society at large. It appears that using the right brain approach to learning encourages cooperation and harmony among people. This is surely something we can all benefit from.

How to train to master quantum speed reading?

The speed at which one reads primarily depends on how fast you can move your eyes across the page and how quickly you can decipher individual words and letters. However, when it comes to quantum speed reading, a different approach is required.

For you to master quantum speed reading so that you can rapidly absorb information from any book, your right brain has to be trained.

Your right brain functions, such as spatial abilities, imagination, visual awareness, emotions, face recognition, social cues, music awareness, 3D forms, and left-hand control, must be activated.

The tips below will explain how to train to master the quantum speed reading technique without losing comprehension or understanding.

Prepare your attitudes, beliefs, and commitment (ABCs)

Quantum speed reading is based on the idea of being able to read many pages at once because it’s all about speed. Therefore, it’s essential to be positive and believe in yourself when you start practicing this technique because if you don’t believe in it or think it will work for you, then chances are it won’t work.

It would help if you also created a positive learning environment while preparing to practice QSR. Ensure that your environment is properly lit so your eyes and brain can focus on the task. You should also make sure that you have enough time for your practice sessions.

Get into the Alpha state

The first step towards mastering quantum speed reading is learning how to get into an alpha state of relaxed concentration, and a way you can achieve this state of being is through meditation or yoga.

The idea behind the quantum speed reading (QSR) technique is that you can learn to read faster and more efficiently by getting into an alpha state of relaxed concentration where your brain waves are at their most active level.

Once you have achieved this state of relaxed concentration, you are ready for the next step of “quantum speed reading.”


Super Scanning is a technique that can be used to train your brain to read at quantum speed. The system is based on the idea of exposing your eyes and brain to the page content using the skimming technique.

To practice super scanning, you can read through your reading material very quickly, giving minimal attention to detail. You’ll do this for about 30 seconds, then spend another 30 seconds reviewing what you’ve just read.

The goal of super scanning is to get enough information in your head that you can recall later without having to go over it again. This technique will help boost your reading speed and comprehension.


Once you are done scanning, start the reading material from the beginning again. You can use systems such as hand pacing to run your finger along the words on the page, which helps keep your eyes focused on the material and helps you double your reading speed.


The last tip for training to master quantum speed reading that we have for you is to take time to review what you’ve just read.

Take at least 5 minutes so that it sticks. You can do this by mind-mapping, taking notes, or telling yourself or a colleague what you’ve read.


Speed reading enables you to read faster than if you were to read normally. It is not a new concept and has been around since the 1950s.

Quantum speed reading is an advanced technique claiming that, once mastered, it can help you read as much as 100,000 words in 5 minutes.

The effects of QSR

After many years of experimentation QSR has proven to be a highly effective way of learning. However as we shall see it is not at all limited in its effects to education alone.
Let’s now look at some of the results that have been witnessed by those participating in the adults’ training seminars. A business seminar lasting four hours per lesson was held for three days straight. After it was completed we heard of people’s various impressions. These can be divided into the following categories:
1) Health improvement
2) The development of precognitive ability
3) Memory improvement
4) Intuition development
5) Wish fulfillment
6) Improvement in timing
7) Concentration
8) Imaging power
9) Improvement in human relations and consideration for others
10) Feelings of stability
11) Life changing

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